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15 January 2020The Avebury Complex
18 December 2019The Civil War in East Hampshire. Christmas Party.
20 November 2019Boxgrove and its Priory
16 October 2019Queen Victoria's Children Part 2
18 September 2019The History of Pewter
17 April 2019The History of Hops in Hampshire
20 March 2019Hatchlands and its People
20 February 2019Dr Harry Roberts, the Oakshott Community and Petersfield Festival Hall.
16 January 2019Fishermania - The Celebrated Kitty Fisher
12 December 2018Good Stuff - Papermaking a History. Followed by the Christmas Party
21 November 2018The Land Army in the 1st & 2nd World Wars
17 October 2018Queen Victoria's Children Part 1
19 September 2018The History of the City of London
18 April 2018A Solent Cruise Part 2 (a talk)
21 March 2018Pompeo Batoni - Prince of Painters
21 February 2018The Jolliffes of Petersfield
17 January 2018A Piece of Paper & A Decent Pen
13 December 2017Christmas party evening. Bygone Tools Quiz
15 November 2017The History of Stansted Park
18 October 2017A Parcel of Gold for Edith
20 September 2017Farnborough - 100 Years Under the Flight Path
19 April 2017A Solent cruise - from Nab Tower to the Round Tower Portsmouth
15 March 2017The Assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand
15 February 2017The Conon Doyle Story
18 January 2017Treasures of Petworth - Demystified
15 December 2016Christmas Party: The Bedales Costume Collection
16 November 2016The Inns and Pubs in Petersfield- a Background on Pubs and Brewing
19 October 2016The Rise and Fall of Emma Hamilton
21 September 2016Empress Eugenie and the Farnborough Connection
20 April 2016Queen Victoria's Navy
16 March 2016Clandon Park - Rising from the Ashes
17 February 2016The History of Lincoln’s Inn
20 January 2016Registering Life’s milestones, births, deaths and marriages
10 December 2015Christmas party evening: What the Butler saw
26 November 2015The History of the Dardanelles
29 October 2015Reflections on Nicholas and Alexandra, Russia’s perfect English monarchs
24 September 2015The King’s Theatre Southsea then and now

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The Avebury Complex Peter Price Wednesday 15 January 2020

The Avebury Circle in Wiltshire extends to 10 times the acreage of Stonehenge containing not just a stone circle, but ritual avenues of stones connected to other man-made monuments as well as the largest Neolithic chambered tomb in Britain and in Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe.  Recent archaeological finds make the area even more intriguing.